One Big Giant Step for Chillybean

Our new address is 5029 W Broad Street Sugar Hill GA, 30518


Today we made big news in Chillybean History by signing the very first Brick and Mortar Chillybean Lease! We are very excited for this opportunity and this adventure the City of Sugar Hill has provided us with. Our new space will give Chillybean the opportunity to serve all of our great customers every single day. Of course we will still be serving from the Chillybean truck, we will still be at our festivals, movie sets and be available for weddings and corporate catering.


What's New? 

With our opening of our new store we will be launching our full catering service to the surrounding businesses. We will be serving fresh croissant sandwiches, fresh fruit, breakfast pastries, coffees, desserts and other great options. All of your breakfast and lunch needs no matter what the occasion!


We plan to make our store celebrating the cutting edge practices of coffee. We will be serving fine pour over and community French Press coffee on our great community table! We will have space and a T.V. for important meetings or study groups. We will be changing out the fine organic coffees monthly as well as our espresso. Many of our menu options will be seasonal and changed based on what is most fresh. Of course we will be serving Francois Collet’s fine pastries even still, and his desserts and pastries can be on special order for any party or gathering.


There are also many new additions to the Chillybean such as platters with freshly cut meats and cheeses for light dinners. We will include many small arrangements of Tappas for dinner time as well as fine wine and craft local beer paired with every option. Not to mention great craft cocktails inspired by every Georgia season!


Chillybean will Still Remain True! 

The Chillybean store will still be serving our famous Frozen Beans and milkshakes of course so we will have something for everyone in the entire family!


Stay tuned for more on the new location! We will be posting many pictures and updates through our process, and don’t forget to come and see us this weekend at the Duluth Spring and Arts Festival! 

Matteson Rushing