Georgia Film and T.V. Show Production 2018

As you know Chillybean has been very involved in the movie making/TV. Show filming industry lately and for the past year or so. We love serving to the cast and crew of great movie and TV Shows being filmed right here in our home. Working late nights, eighteen hour shifts and through all weather conditions, we highly admire the team that creates the entertainment!  


We wanted to share what shows and movies are being filmed here in Atlanta right now that we hope to be on set for!


Stranger Things

One of Chillybean’s absolute favorite shows to watch on Netflix, Stranger Things is currently working on their next season of the famous Netflix Original. This is a very cool show that everyone in the family will love no matter what the age. It gives a “Goonies” feel and gives a great nod to many 80s classics. It is a Sci-Fi series about a group of boys unraveling extraordinary mysteries from the “upside down”  and even searching into the past government experiments. We’d love to meet the show’s main star Winona Ryder in the next year, it will be a check on the bucket list for us!

Goosebumps: Slappy’s Revenge

This is just one adaption of the famous book series Goosebumps, which turns it’s focus to an evil dummy Slappy. This is was just one of the most popular books in the Goosebumps series and will hopefully pay a better tribute than the 2015 Goosebumps movie. This movie is set to release sometime early 2019.

MacGyver Season 2

A remake of the classic series was quite popular for the first season. The second season will be filmed here just East of Atlanta. A young man creates an organization within the U.S. Government using his talents to solve crimes and problem solve. We definitely recommend to look up the original show. A member of our team is actually nicknamed MacGyver for her quick thinking and problem solving skills!

Flip or Flop Season 2

There has been a big boom in the housing market here in Atlanta due to the city growth and new work. They have taken the original idea in California and decided to film a different version of the show here in Atlanta where a man and his wife will do their best to take smaller, abandoned homes and flip them into something beautiful. Them filming the show here in Atlanta just makes it that much more interesting to watch!

Ozark Season 2

Just another one of our favorites is Ozarks season one. This is more of an adult show, full of suspense and captivates what it’s like to have a relationship with major country drug dealers and the Cartel. Staring Jason Bateman, we sure hope to once again serve to this awesome show.

Marvel’s Deadpool Season 1

Just the first season to a great serious branched off just from the famous Deadpool movies. There’s not too much information about this particular show but we can say that there are ten episodes approved for season one and we expect it to be just as funny as the movie! Does that mean Ryan Reynolds will be staying here in Atlanta?


What Men Want

This is a very exciting movie for us as it retwists the famous “What Women Want” starring Mel Gibson. This particular version is a woman who works in sports marketing and is struggling up against her male colleagues. She uses her new abilities to read men’s thoughts and get exactly what she wants.


These are just some of the other TV shows and films filiming here in 2018:


America, The Motion Picture (Netflix)

Archer Season 9

Dish Nation Season 5

Don’t be Tardy Season 7

First 48

Flipping Virgins Season 3

Gemini Man

Greenleaf Season 3

Jungle Cruise

Saints and Sinners Season 3

Matteson Rushing