6 Steps to a Happier Morning

At Chillybean we have quite a few early mornings. Here are some things to think about when changing up your morning routine, you’d be amazed at what a good morning routine can do for you!


Don’t hit the Snooze!

 IPhones have truly destroyed us for hitting the snooze button. I can simply tap on my IPhone without another sound and get an extra 8 minutes sleep over and over again. There have been times where I’ve hit the snooze and not even realized because it’s just too easy.

 There have actually been various studies to show that hitting the snooze actually makes you sleepier during the day. Waking up in a panic after hitting the snooze button four times is definitely not good for you but even once can have a huge impact on your day. An alarm waking you up is already interrupting enough on your sleep but going back to sleep for even a few minutes puts you back into cycle only to be interrupted again shortly after.

 Don’t hit your snooze, even sit up in your bed for a few minutes as long as you are awake, just don’t be tempted to place your head back on the pillow.


Stretch, Breathe, Take a few minutes to Yourself!

 One-way to keep yourself from going back to sleep is to sit up and do some stretching or even light meditating. Clear your head! If you are like me, there is nothing worse than thinking about getting up bright and early in the morning and going for a run. Another alternative is just to get on your floor and stretch, simple yoga stretches even and get the blood flowing.

 The breathing will help more with your mind and will create a calm mood for your morning and clear your brain of stressful clutter. Set your alarm for 15 minutes of “me time” to perform some stretching and breathing. You’ll feel much better, and the more you do it the better you’ll feel!


10 Second Tidy

 I love this part of my morning only because I feel so organized afterwards. Take a look at your bedroom when you wake up. Are there clothes on the floor from the night before? Are your bed sheets messed up and pillows all over the floor? Are there makeup and hair products that are really supposed to be in you bathroom? Take a second, throw those clothes in a hamper, make your bed and put things back to their rightful place.  


Give yourself time for Breakfast and most importantly; Coffee!

Waking up early is crucial for a good start to your morning. It is very important to make time to sit down and enjoy your breakfast. Rushing out the door on an empty stomach is not such a great start.

 There is nothing I enjoy more than making my coffee just the way I like it, in one of my favorite mugs then sitting on my back porch in the morning and enjoying it. Even sipping it to a show or the morning news.


Take Pride

 Take pride in your appearance! You always feel more confident when you dress up and look your best. Even if you have nowhere nice to be, do your hair nice, put on some natural, elegant makeup. Slip on that new shirt you’ve wanted to wear or throw on some heels. You will feel prepared and more confident during the day just by the way you look.


Make a to-do list

 I absolutely love making to-do lists in the morning. I have everything planned out just so I know exactly what needs to get done that day. What do I want to accomplish today? What are my deadlines? What are my errands? Having this written out not only will you feel organized but also you will be more organized! I cannot tell you the satisfaction I feel by crossing something off on my to-do list and getting my responsibilities done.

 If you feel overwhelmed, like you have too much to do, split up your list. Pick the 5 most important things that need to be done today, put those other three things on a list for tomorrow. If there are twelve things on your list that you are unable to accomplish in one day, you could feel a little down and stressed from not getting those things done, take everything in stride!



These are just a few tips from your friends here at Chillybean, we have quite a few early mornings ourselves! Try some of these out, you’d be surprised how much better you feel. Take a picture enjoying your morning coffee and #chillybeancoffeeco: let us know you’ve done it!

Matteson Rushing