5 Reasons Why You Need a Little Chillybean this Christmas

Chillybean has recently launched two new sides to our business model, the catering and of course the opening of the new store! We will cater to any party, business meeting, book club, girl’s lunch and even more within fifteen miles of Norcross (we are willing to go further). The store will also accommodate parties, company appreciation nights, networking events and more. You will have the opportunity to rent out the new Rushing Trading Co. coffee shop space with packages for alcohol, beverage and food catering.

These are just a few reasons why you really need Chillybean and Rushing Trading in your life this Christmas and every holiday after!


  1. Chillybean has some Wicked Cool Owners

 Amber and Mattie Rushing, the ultimate mother daughter duo, are more than just business owners. They are great friends and world travelers. They try to make a good impact on each and every person they meet and hope to make a positive influence on the world. With this knowledge we are able to accommodate for any event and for any holiday.

 They are great to interact with and have implemented an open door policy with their business. Any questions, concerns, or even feedback is greatly encouraged to promote business and make customers happy.


2.     Chillybean Provides Good, Local Products

 All of Chillybean and Rushing Trading Co.’s products are from the Atlanta area. They try to promote business in Georgia and create a stronger community among its people. So many people enjoy local products like Just Add Honey Loose Leaf Tea (Municipal Market), Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters (Atlanta), and Francois Collet Pastries (Norcross). We will also feature many new local alcohol distributers supporting our local breweries and local companies for cheese and meat distribution.

We are also open to teaming up with other partners for retail, art and other products, contact us!


3.  Chillybean Brings the Party to you

 Chillybean is known for being mobile. Chillybean OR Rushing Trading Co. will bring the party to you no matter what!

For morning events, Chillybean is committed to bring the breakfast party to you! With our fresh pastries made every morning, and our fresh coffee we are able to please everyone at your event. We are also able to set up a fully equipped espresso machine anywhere for your convenience! Hot chocolate, hot breakfast, fresh pastries, hot coffee, tea; we can do it all! Customize any breakfast order to fit your audience and event as well.

For evening events Rushing Trading Co. will set up beautiful displays to your requirements for alcohol, meat and cheese boards, small plates and appetizers to accompany any great Christmas party, business event or house party. Get in touch with us to find out how we can make your event the best one yet!

4.     Chillybean does the Work so you don’t have to!

 Chillybean  delivers, sets up, and picks up. For catering we bring everything straight to you with a beautiful display and good product. We dress to your requirements, black tie or T-shirts and jeans! We also do the clean up after your event.


5.  You can Customize All You Want!

 With Chillybean whether you would like the truck or just a simple set-up, you may customize your order to fit your needs with different themes, and products to better fit your guest list. Tea parties or a hot chocolate bar for your little one’s birthday or class party, alcohol and charcuterie for your office party or espresso and sweet pastries for your Sunday morning bible study. Let us make that day special!


Let us know how we can help at your next event! Planning a lunch party? Need coffee and sweets for a book club meeting? Church Event? Business Meeting? Chillybean and Rushing Trading Co. will be happy to help!

Matteson Rushing