Tips from your Morning Barista

As a barista, a few things can make our jobs just a little harder. It doesn’t mean we love you in any less, it simply means that there are just a few things we don’t know how to handle. We are here to serve you and make you happy!

Like I said, it doesn’t mean we don’t love you any less but here are just five things to think about and maybe work on when ordering your morning coffee from us. Have a good laugh!

1.     Um…Um…Um…

After waiting in line behind four people for about eight minutes you come up to see us and still have no idea what you want? No problem, we’ve all been there and you’re not alone!

Next time at least have an idea of what you would like then ask questions. Even have something in your head that you want, explain it and we will make it! You love coffee but you don’t like hot, you like lots and lots of cream and you love chocolate. Iced mocha there you go!



2.     Will I be bad today, or should I be good?

I am so sorry Shannon, we cannot help you to stick to your diet or prevent you from going with something delicious today. You look great either way please don’t ask us if you should go skinny or extra chocolaty today. It’s like asking a guy if your butt looks big in the jeans you just put on. There’s really no good answer and we are put in a very awkward position!



3.     All of us do not work at Starbucks.  

We are sorry to give you bad news but if you come to a café that is not Starbucks and we ask you small or large, please do not tell us Grande. We do not speak Starbucks if we do not work there. Grande also insists medium and many coffee shops tend to only carry small and large. Just check out the menu and the sizes will be listed.  



4.     What? What? What?

There are grinders and blenders usually behind us, please don’t whisper. We do not want to waste your time by asking over and over to repeat yourself, we want to get your order right. Speak up, be confident, we don’t bite… often.



5.     Good morning, how are you?

Baristas try to be as sweet and friendly as possible, after all we are one of the first faces you see in the morning. Many will try to converse with you or give you a “Good Morning” or “How are you”. Baristas are people too, please do not respond with “small coffee”.


This article definitely isn’t everyone! Just take into consideration that we baristas are people too, and I speak for many in the service industry all-together. We love our customers, make our jobs easier and make your experience better!

Matteson Rushing